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July  2015   Issue Vol. 3  No. 10 

Admin - Let's Try
Monitorix: The Lightweight System Monitoring Tool
This article introduces readers to Monitorix, which can be a boon to systems administrators as well as those who like to keep tabs on their systems.

Admin - Insight
A Detailed Review of Distributed Network Monitoring
Distributed network monitoring involves receiving performance reports about the state of the network from various locations in it, via different types of pollers. This article deals with the concept at great length.
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Observium The Tireless Network Monitor
Network monitoring involves constant monitoring of how the network functions by collecting useful data from its various parts, which helps to alert the network administrator in case of failures. Observium is an open source network monitoring platform that supports a range of operating systems. Let’s take a look at how to install it on CentOS, its features and how it compares with other such platforms
Thing You Should Know About Advance Persistent Threats
As personal, corporate and even national computer systems get subjected to stealthy, continuous cracking processes, it makes sense to be warned and armed. Read on to find
out more about one high profile case of a silent malicious cyber attack (APT) that brought a country’s nuclear programme to its knees – Stuxnet.
A Primer on Evil Twin Wireless Attacks
In a scenario where we are using freely available public wireless networks all the time, security considerations are vital. Wireless attacks can be launched on the unwary and unprepared in several ways. An evil twin attack is one such serious threat.
Admin-How To
Installing and Configuring Nagios Core on Linux
Here’s a comprehensive guide on the Nagios network and system monitoring software application, which covers the installation and configuration of Nagios Core on a Linux system. It also includes the creation of custom Nagios plugins using the Bash script.
Developers - Let's Try
Network Monitoring and Programming Using Python
Python scripts and APIs can be tailor made into effective network monitoring and forensics tools. Their versatility makes them ideal in assorted applications including cyber security, data mining, Internet of Things, cloud simulation, grid implementation, etc.
Admin-How To
Relay Mails Using Gmail on RHEL6.1
This article explains the use of Postfix as a mail transfer agent to relay mails using Gmail.
Developers - Overview
The Pros and Cons of Polyglot Persistence
The design of a database determines its optimal use. A single database engine is inefficient and insufficient for all data searches. This is where polyglot persistence comes in - it helps to shard data into multiple databases to leverage their power.
Developers - Insight
Reordering C Structure Alignment
The memory footprint of C programs can be reduced by manually repacking C structure declarations. This article is about reordering the structure members in decreasing lengths of variables.
Developers - How To
Unit Testing in Java Using the JUnit Framework
The JUnit Framework can be easily integrated with Eclipse. Unit testing accelerates programming speed.
Developers - How To
CakePHP: How to Create a Component
Here’s a hands-on tutorial on creating a component in CakePHP—a must-read for those who like to learn through practical knowledge.
Open Gurus - How To
Taking The Baby Steps in NS3
Ns-3 is a network simulator for computer network simulation, used mainly for research and educational purposes. This article is the third in the series as we move forward in our quest to understand and use ns-3 by looking at abstracting classes and then working with our first script.
Open Gurus - Insight
Testing Video Transmission in NS 2 Using the Evelvid Framework
Ns-2 is a discrete event simulator targeted at networking research. It provides support for simulation of TCP, routing and multicast protocols over wired and wireless (local and satellite) networks.
Open Gurus - Let's Try
Creating Vehicular Traffic Simulation with OSS
Here is a tutorial on creating real-time vehicular traffic simulation using SUMO and OpenStreetMap.
For U & Me - Let's Try
An Introduction to GNU Emacs
GNU Emacs, created by Richard Stallman, is an extensible, customisable text editor. While Emacs has many variants, GNU Emacs is the most widely used. This article spawns a series on learning to use it.
For U & Me - HOw To
Thing to do after installing fedora 22
Having installed Fedora 22, a newbie is often at a loss for what to do next. This article guides the reader through the process of installing Fedora 22, explains the use of the DNF install tool and then suggests some applications to be installed.
For U & Me - Let's Try
Protect Your Eyes with Redshift
Redshift will help you to reduce the strain on your eyes when working with computers and laptops, particularly in the dark or in low-light conditions. This amazing tool makes working with computers less strenuous and is available in Linux and Windows versions.
Developers - Let's Try
Generating Computer Graphics with OpenGL
OpenGL is the industry’s most widely used environment for the development of portable, interactive 2D and 3D graphics applications. The OpenGL API is open source and is platform independent. This article introduces OpenGL to our readers.
For U & Me - Let's Try
ERPNext: An Open Source ERP for Entrepreneurs
Enterprises never had it better! ERPNext is a system of integrated applications that can manage the entire business and automate back-end office functions. This free and open source platform offers everything from product planning and manufacture to accounting and inventory control.
For U & Me - Overview
Why Open Source Software is NOT Free
A common misconception among customers, who are not necessarily clued in to the open source philosophy, is about the ‘free’ attribute of open source. Here is how author explains to them what OSS is all about.
For U & Me - Insight
Penetration Testing Tools for Android
Since Android devices have become all-pervasive, they need to be monitored and secured for obvious reasons. Numerous Android apps are available in the market for a range of purposes. Read about which of these could make your Android experience safe, secure and anonymous!
For U & Me - Insight
Nitin Gadkari launches indigenous software for small enterprises
India’s transport minister recently launched the Kalculate Business Desktop for small and medium enterprises. Based on the Linux platform, this indigenous software is in keeping with the Indian government’s vision to ‘Make in India’ and export to the world.

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