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OpenSource For You
September  2014   Issue Vol. 2  No. 12 

Admin - How To
Why We Need to Handle Bounced Emails
Bounced emails are the bane of marketing campaigns and mailing lists. In this article, the author explains the nature of bounce messages and describes how to handle them.

Admin - How To
Boost the Performance of CloudStack with Varnish
In this article, the author demonstrates how the performance of CloudStack can dramatically improve by using Varnish. He does so by drawing upon his practical experience with administering SaaS servers at his own firm.
Admin - How To
Creating Dynamic Web Portals Using Joomla and WordPress
Joomla and WordPress are popular Web content management systems, which provide authoring,
collaboration and administration tools designed to allow amateurs to create and manage websites with ease.
For U & Me - Open Strategy
Panasonic Looks to Engage with Developers in India!
Panasonic entered the Indian smartphone market last year. In just one year, the company has assessed the potential of the market and has found that it could make India the headquarters for its smartphone division. But this cannot happen without that bit of extra effort from the company. While Panasonic is banking big on India’s favourite operating system, Android, it is also leaving no stone unturned to provide a unique user experience on its devices. Diksha P Gupta from Open Source For You spoke to Pankaj Rana, head, smartphones and tablets, Panasonic India Pvt Ltd, to get a clearer picture of the company’s growth plans. Excerpts…
For U & Me - Interview
We are looking to hire people with core Android experience
Before Xiaomi was to enter the Indian market, many assumed that this was just another Chinese smartphone coming their way. But perceptions changed after the brand entered the sub-continent. Flipkart got bombarded with orders and Xiaomi eventually could not meet the Indian demand. There are quite a few reasons for this explosive demand, but one of the most important factors is the unique user experience that the device offers. It runs on Android, but on a different version–one that originates from the brain of Hugo Barra, vice president, Xiaomi. When he was at Google,
he was pretty much instrumental in making the Android OS what it is. Currently, he is focused on offering a different taste of it at a unique price point. He has launched MIUI, an Android-based OS that he wants to be ported to devices other than Xiaomi. For this, he needs a lot of help from the developers’ community. Diksha P Gupta from Open Source For You caught up with him to discuss his plans for India and how he wants to contribute to and leverage the developers’ ecosystem in the country. Read on...
Developers - Insight
Improve Python Code by Using a Profiler
The line_profiler gives a line-by-line analysis of the Python code and can thus identify bottlenecks that slow down the execution of a program. By making modifications to the code based on the results of this profiler, developers can improve the code and refine the program.
Developers - Insight
Understanding the Document Object Model (DOM) in Mozilla
This article is an introduction to the DOM programming interface and the DOM inspector, which is a tool that can be used to inspect and edit the live DOM of any Web document or XUL application.
Developers - Insight
Introducing AngularJS
AngularJS is an open source Web application framework maintained by Google and the community, which helps to build Single Page Applications (SPA). Let’s get to know it better.
For U & Me - Let's Try
Customize Your Shell with Zsh and Oh-My-Zsh
Discover the Z shell, a powerful scripting language, which is designed for interactive use.
Developers - Let's Try
Use Bugzilla to Manage Defects in Software
In the quest for excellence in software products, developers have to go through the process of defect management. The tool of choice for defect containment is Mozilla's Bugzilla. Learn how to install, configure and use it to file a bug report and act on it.
Developers - How To
An Introduction to Device Drivers in the Linux Kernel
In the article ‘An Introduction to the Linux Kernel’ in the August 2014 issue of OSFY, we wrote and compiled a kernel module. In the second article in this series, we move on to device drivers.
Developers - Let's Try
Compile a GPIO Control Application and Test It On the Raspberry Pi
GPIO is the acronym for General Purpose (I/O). The role played by these drivers is to handle I/O requests to read or write to groups of GPIO pins. Let’s try and compile a GPIO driver.
Admin - How To
Use Pound on RHEL to Balance the Load on Web Servers
Load balancers distribute network traffic across backend servers and thus enable high availability. Let’s see what the process of setting up Pound on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 x86 is like.
Developers - Let's Try
Experimenting with More Functions in Haskell
We continue our exploration of the open source, advanced and purely functional programming language, Haskell. In the third article in the series, we will focus on more Haskell functions, conditional constructs and their usage.
Open Gurus - How To
How to Make Your USB Boot with Multiple ISOs
This DIY article is for systems admins and software hobbyists, and teaches them how to create a bootable USB that is loaded with multiple ISOs.
Open Gurus - Let's Try
How to Cross Compile the Linux Kernel with Device Tree Support
This article is intended for those who would like to experiment with the many embedded boards in the market but do not have access to them for one reason or the other. With the QEMU emulator, DIY enthusiasts can experiment to their heart’s content.
Open Gurus - How To
Contiki OS Connecting Microcontrollers to the Internet of Things
As the Internet of Things becomes more of a reality, Contiki, an open source OS, allows DIY enthusiasts to experiment with connecting
tiny, low-cost, low-power microcontrollers to
the Internet. Contiki OS Connecting Microcontrollers to the Internet.
For U & Me - Let's Try
Nix A Portable and Powerful Package Manager
This article introduces the reader to Nix, a reliable, multi-user, multi-version, portable,
reproducible and purely functional package manager. Software enthusiasts will find it a
powerful package manager for Linux and UNIX systems.
Admin - Insight
Make Your Own PBX with Asterisk
This article, the first of a multi-part series, familiarises readers with Asterisk, which is a software implementation of a private branch exchange (PBX).
For U & Me - Let's Try
Solve Engineering Problems with Laplace Transforms
Laplace transforms are integral mathematical transforms widely used in physics and engineering. In this 21st article in the series on mathematics in open source, the author demonstrates Laplace transforms through Maxima.
Exploring Software - Guest Column
In this month’s column, we continue our discussion on natural language processing.
Hadoop is a large scale, open source storage and processing framework for data sets. In this article, the author sets up Hadoop on a single node, takes the reader through testing it, and later tests it on multiple nodes.

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