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OpenSource For You
July  2016   Issue Vol. 4  No. 10 

Developers - Lets Try
HTML5: A Powerful Tool for Mobile Application Development
An increasing number of people are seeing the Web on a mobile screen. Soon, they will outnumber desktop users. This has led to a need for better apps that are platform and device independent. HTML5 technology fits admirably into the scheme of things for creating such apps.

Developers - Insight
Tools to Develop Cross-Platform Mobile Apps
Trending in the mobile application development world are cross-platform mobile apps. There are a great many tools and frameworks available for this specific purpose. This article offers a selection of what the author considers the five best cross-platform app development tools. A word of caution though—some of these tools come with certain strings attached.
For U & Me - Insight
Everything You Wanted to Know About Mobile Accessibility
Making applications accessible to all categories of users is an important design principle to keep in mind when developing successful, universal applications. Accessibility challenges posed by mobile devices are often due to the presence of specialised hardware sensors, interface mechanisms, comparatively smaller-sized displays, etc. This article provides insights into the various aspects of mobile accessibility, covering the myths about accessibility, accessibility dimensions and the steps involved in making mobile applications truly accessible.
Admin-How To
Configuring pfSense in Dual WAN Failover Mode
This is the second article in series on pfSense. While the introductory article covered pfSense basics, here, readers are taken a step further in their journey of mastering the tool.
Admin-How To
Monitor Logs in Real-time with Swatch
Though limited in its abilities, Swatch is a very powerful tool to implement alongside other security products to proactively monitor system logs. Swatch gives systems administrators great log-monitoring options. It’s a perfect tool for monitoring SSH or denial-of-service attacks on Linux servers, and alerts admins about trouble before it’s too late.
For U & Me - CaseStudy
Open Source Helps Visually Impaired at Thriveni Foundation Become Independent
Thriveni Foundation, supported by Asttecs, deployed open source technologies to successfully establish a call centre for differently-abled persons
Developers - How To
Develop Android Apps Using MIT App Inventor
There is a secret inventor inside each of us. Get your creative juices flowing and go ahead and develop an Android app or two. It is as easy as you think it is. Follow the detailed instructions given in this article, and you will have an Android app up and running in next to no time.
Developers - How To
Optical Character Recognition in Android Using Tesseract
This article, which is aimed at Android developers and image processing enthusiasts, explains how to extract text out of a captured image, using the Tesseract library.
Developers - How To
Build Your First Mobile Application Using Apache Cordova
Welcome to the world of mobile application development with the CLI Apache Cordova framework. This article is a tutorial on building a torch application for Android using Web technologies and Apache Cordova.
Developers - Lets Try
Ccache: A Rapid and Efficient Compiler Cache for GCC/G++
Ccache makes compilation very fast because it caches previous compilations and detects when these are being recompiled. It is free software that supports C, C++, Objective-C and Objective-C++. It manages the cache size automatically, is an easy install and has low overheads.
Developers - Lets Try
An Introduction to the Selenium IDE and Firebug
This article is the second in the series on the Selenium IDE, in which we advance further in our exploration of it and, more importantly, its uses in scripting.
Developers - Lets Try
Android Data Binding: Write Less to do More
The Android Data Binding framework leads to a significant reduction in code and, as a bonus, comes with other goodies such as BindingAdapters and Auto-Magic attributes, at almost no performance cost
Developers - Overview
Apache OpenNLP: A Command Line Approach
Natural language processing (NLP) is a field of computer science, artificial intelligence and computational linguistics that explores the relationship between computers and natural languages. The Apache OpenNLP library is a machine learning toolkit, which processes natural language text written in Java. It supports most NLP tasks.
Developers - Overview
An Introduction to the Ionic Framework
Ionic is an advanced HTML5 hybrid mobile application framework. Using Apache Cordova, it can be easily run on mobiles. A big advantage of using Ionic is that the code base remains the same for all mobile platforms and the UI/UX looks like a native mobile platform.
Developers - Insight
JavaFX: A Rich Internet Application (RIA) Development Platform www.OpenSourceForU.
JavaFX, with its rich set of APIs and Oracle’s committed support, is a natural choice for high performance, data-centric rich Internet applications. A vibrant JavaFX community continues to develop and support JavaFX porting on mobile platforms.
Developers - Insight
Design Scalable Web Apps Using Open Source
Scalability is an integral part of the software design process. Hence, applications must be designed such that their components can be de-coupled and then scale independently. The concept of scaling also requires one to design applications that have no footprint on the application server. This helps the application to quickly allocate/de-allocate servers.
Developers - How To
Analyse and Gather Twitter Data Using Apache Flume
Apache Flume is a service for streaming logs into Hadoop. It is a distributed and reliable service for efficiently collecting, aggregating and moving large amounts of streaming data into the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). In this article, the authors adapt Flume for analysing and gathering data from Twitter.
For U & Me - Interview
“We are aiming to make Red Hat a guiding lighthouse for developers all across the globe”
The open source world is getting bigger with the arrival of new solutions. But Indian developers are yet to play a vital role in its expansion. Ray Ploski, director of developer marketing and strategy for Red Hat, and Bob McWhirter, director of Polyglot for Red Hat, in a conversation with Jagmeet Singh of OSFY, talked of some new ways to enhance developer engagements from India.
For U & Me - Interview
“We are currently working on a future for iText
that goes beyond PDF”

Open source has not just helped some established organisations to grow further but also empowered many startups to compete against big enterprises. iText is one such example. The Belgium-based company brought out the world’s most used and actively developed PDF library by deploying open source technologies. Jagmeet Singh of OSFY talked to iText founder Bruno Lowagie to get some insights about his venture and his views on the growth of open source. Edited excerpts from the interview:
For U & Me - Insight
Firefox: Its Past, Present and ... Future?
If Google had sneaked in a crack sabotage team behind enemy lines at Mozilla, the tech giant could not have been more successful! Mozilla is on a self-destructive course — it has fired its CEO, abandoned pet projects, frustrated add-on writers with breaking API changes and annoyed users by disabling important functionality. Worst of all, Mozilla’s obsession with Chrome may see it lose control of Firefox.
For U & Me - Lets Try
An Introduction to SageMath
Sage is wonderful open source software as it covers almost all areas of mathematics, with varying levels of sophistication. It has all the built-in objects and functions for expressing mathematical concepts and calculations. Besides a command line and programming library interface, it also has a dynamic self-hosted website.

Code Sport
In this month’s column, we feature a bunch of interview questions in computer science.
Exploring Software
Security without Passwords
Passwords have their own inherent vulnerabilities. They are prone to being forgotten and sometimes being hacked. While a strong password can provide security, there are other larger issues involved. In this article, the author takes a look at various methods of online identity authentication other than the ubiquitous password.

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