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OpenSource For You
August  2015   Issue Vol. 3  No. 11 

Developers - Let's Try
Codename One: A Cross-Device Platform for Mobile App Development
The proud boast of Codename One developers is, Write once, run anywhere native mobile apps.” And it works exactly that way. You can use your existing Java skills to target iOS, Android and Windows devices with just one code base. Already, 120 million apps have been built on this platform!

Developers - How To
Enhancing Accessibility on Android
Life is not easy for the physically challenged. Thankfully, technology is helping those who are physically challenged to enjoy and experience Web and phone interfaces just like normal people. Accessibility options on Android help to make the OS more inclusive. Here are a few valuable suggestions for mobile app developers on how to enhance accessibility for the physically challenged.
Developers - How To
Developing Android Apps Using the MIT App Inventor 2
Wannabe Android app developers and developers alike will be interested in this wellillustrated tutorial on using the MIT App Inventor 2 to develop Android apps.
Developers - Insight
Using JQuery for Mobile App Development
JQuery is a touch-optimised Web framework. Instead of writing unique applications for each device, it allows for the development of a single application which will work universally across all devices. This article covers the basics of JQuery app development for mobiles, its features, events, methods, forms and page transitions.
Developers - Let's Try
MoSync: App Development Made Easier
MoSync is an open source SDK, which is a rich cross-platform mobile application development environment that makes it easy to develop apps for all major mobile platforms from a single code base. One can build and compile apps for up to nine different platforms at once, using C/C++ or HTML5/JavaScript, or a combination of both to create hybrid apps.
Developers - Let's Try
PyTongue Programming in Non-English Languages
In this remarkable article, which is aimed at both those who teach programming at various levels and general programming enthusiasts, the author, who is the creator of PyTongue, shows how Python programming can be taught without the use of English, making it easy to program in vernacular languages.
Admin - Overview
The Advantages of OpenStack Management Software
OpenStack, an open source private cloud solution, can be tremendously useful for enterprise applications. However, deploying and managing OpenStack clouds and their underlying infrastructure requires a great deal of effort. Read on to know more about this management software.
For U & Me - Overview
A Closer Look at GRUB, the Linux Bootloader
Acquaint yourself with the first program that runs when you switch on your Linux computer. This is the program responsible for loading and transferring control to the OS kernel software. GRUB is an acronym for Grand Unified Bootloader.
Admin - Let's Try
Htop: System Monitoring for Linux
Htop is an interactive process viewer and a text mode application, which can do system monitoring efficiently in real-time. It shows a complete list of the processes that are running and is easy to use.
Admin - Insight
Use Hadoop to Handle Big Data
Big Data now means big business. The world is constantly accumulating volumes of raw data in various forms such as text, MP3 or Jpeg files, which need to be processed, if any value can be derived from them. Apache Hadoop is open source software that can handle Big Data. So here’s a chance to learn how to install Hadoop and play around with it.
From The New Stack
DevOps Landscape 2015: The Race to the Management Layer
There has been so much activity in DevOps tooling and best practices in the past few months that it has become difficult to understand the current and future state of the industry. This article summarises the author’s thoughts on the current DevOps landscape and its future roadmap.
Developers - Let's Try
Faster Web Development Using the Jade Template Language
You can build Web pages faster with the Jade template language. Jade is an elegant and
efficient way to do HTML coding. Old HTML files can be easily converted to Jade.
Developers - Let's Try
Cliche Speeding up Command Line Interface Development
Cliche is a small Java library that makes it simple to create interactive command line user interfaces.
Developers - Let's Try
Using BiiCode, the C/C++ Dependency Manager
BiiCode is a dependency manager for C/C++. This article familiarises readers with the requisites, installation procedure and usage of BiiCode.
Developers - Let's Try
Zend Framework: A Tutorial
This tutorial on Zend covers various types of routers, routes and the creation of an admin module.
Developers - How To
Develop Your First Firefox OS App
Firefox boasts of being open source and free of proprietary technology. Interestingly, the entire user interface is a Web app in itself, which can launch other apps. Currently, the Firefox OS requires new and interesting apps. This tutorial will guide you on how to develop your Firefox app.
Open Gurus - Insight
Go for an Open Source Database in a Lab
The author presents a case for the use of open source software in a contract analysis lab, based on his own experience.
Admin - How To
Setting up a Log Management System in a Data Centre
In a production environment, log management plays a key role. The sheer volume and diverse formats of the logs makes the job of studying them difficult without an LMS or log management system. Logstash can be used in conjunction with Kibana, Elasticsearch, Grok and various other tools, to create an LMS
Open Gurus - Insight
Handling Information Overload in ns-3

This is the fourth article in the series on ns-3, in which we wade deeper into the subject by concentrating on the installation of NetAnim and its execution. We also take a look at trace files and try to understand them.
For U & Me - CaseStudy
“We need flexibility and scalability, and we get that with Linux”
Parting ways from proprietary technologies is not all that difficult. The transition becomes easy if one is determined. In the case of BookMyShow, what mattered was the intention to get the best technologies on board. Viraj Patel, VP, technology, Bigtree Entertainment Pvt Ltd, did just that. In a tête-à-tête with Diksha P. Gupta from Open Source For You, Patel shares his journey into the world of open source technology and how he guided the company through its open source journey, pretty successfully. Excerpts...
Open Gurus - Overview
The Basics of Dired Mode in Emacs
Dired is a directory editor in GNU Emacs. It opens a buffer containing a list of directories
and files to operate on. It is a ‘read-only’ mode and hence you cannot input any text. This
article explores some of the basic commands that can be used in Dired mode.
For U & Me - Interview
" Open source technology is a must in the world of storage"
IDC has forecast a 46 per cent compound annual growth rate for all-Flash arrays over the next five years. These arrays provide applications with predictable high performance, while using up less physical space. Keeping this rate of growth in mind, HP recently announced some new innovations in its storage products portfolio. The innovations are in the HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage family, and include 25 per cent lower cost Flash capacity, a new class of massively scalable Flash arrays, and Flash-optimised data services to accelerate IT-as-a-Service consolidation and hybrid IT initiatives. HP has also introduced Flash-optimised software for end-to-end availability and non-disruptive workload balancing across the data centre. These capabilities are built on a strong set of Tier- 1 data services. With this launch, HP has re-established its faith in Flash storage. On the sidelines of the launch event, Diksha P. Gupta from Open Source For You caught up with Barun Lala, director, storage, HP India, to discuss the ever-evolving storage industry. So, if you are an IT head looking to understand the current storage market paradigm, read on...
For U & Me - Let's Try
A Simple Screen Recorder for Linux
Making screen recordings has never been so easy. The complications of screen recording in Linux have been banished by the Simple Screen Recorder. This versatile tool enables full screen recording or recording a fixed rectangle or just following the cursor.
For U & Me - Overview
How the Life Sciences are Benefiting from Open Source Software
This article gives an overview of the role of open source software and computer technology in the field of life sciences, and how research and discovery in the fields of medicine, biology, etc, is enhanced by the use of both
For U & Me - Overview
The Benefits of Open Source Products
According to, “Open source software is software that can be freely used, changed and shared (in modified or unmodified form) by anyone. Open source software is made by many people, and distributed under licences that comply with the Open Source Definition.” Hence, the products built on open source software are low on cost and can be customised easily.
Exploring Software - Guest Column
Easy to Use Video Editors
You can make your old and new videos more interesting and meaningful by editing them with either of these two free and easyto-use video editors - Avidemux or Kdenlive.
Buyers Guide
Looking For a Good Hosting Provider? Follow These Tips!
Web hosting is getting increasingly common, yet it is a complex task. In order to make an informed choice, an IT head should look into some key aspects before inking the deal.

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