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May  2014   Issue Vol. 2  No. 8 

Admin - Case Study
FOSS Proves to be a Blueprint for Aviva’s Growth
Life Insurance major, Aviva India, needed a robust IT strategy to support its growing business and its ambitious expansion plans. The company banked heavily on open source and the results were excellent.

Admin - Let's Try
Looking for a Free Backup Solution? Try Areca
Let’s take a look at Areca Backup, which is simple, easy to use, versatile, and makes interacting with your backups easy.
Admin - How To
Setting Up Your Own Mail Server Can Be Fun!
A typical Web mail application, which would be sufficient for the needs of an individual, is woefully inadequate when it comes to system generated emails. The obvious solution to this issue is to set up your own mail server. Here’s a detailed guide on how to go about it.
Admin - Let's Try
Rsync: A Backup Solution That’s Easy on Your Pocket
Rsync is software that works on UNIX-like systems, and synchronises files and directories from one location to another by using delta encoding, which minimises file transfer. This article covers the backup features of rsync and compares these with those of tar, which is both the name of a file format as well as a program to handle such files.
Admin - How To
An Introduction to GlassFish The Enterprise Application Server
GlassFish is the world's frist Java EE application Server. It is free and open source, being distributed under the Command Development and Distribution (CDDL) as well as GNU Public License (GPL). GlassFish is scalable, has a good performance and can be used in production environments.
Admin - Let's Try
Make Your Life Easier with Cron
A time-based scheduling utility, Cron is deployed in UNIX-like operating systems. It can be made to run at fixed times dates or after suitable intervals. It is used to not only update software but also to switch systems on at a particular time and to download mail at fixed intervals.
Developers - How To
How Can I Contribute to Mozilla?
Open source software depends upon the contributions made by thousands of people in the community who help to improve and modify it. These contributions are not merely monetary, but also in the form of feedback and improvements to the software, particularly in ironing out bugs. This is a vital service that keeps the spirit of the FOSS movement alive today.
Developers - How To
Wish to Standardise Your Code? Use PHP CodeSniffer
Coding standards are imperative to ensure good, clean code. Typically, code for a
project is not a single person’s effort and it tends to deteriorate over time, so much so
that developers often cannot read their own code. To prevent this, coding standards must
be prescribed and rigidly followed. Read on to learn more about the PHP CodeSniffer
(PHPCS), a software tool to help you keep a check on coding standards.
Developers - Let's Try
A Look at GNU Unified Parallel C
This article guides readers through the installation and usage of GNU Unified Parallel C
Developers - Let's Try
Unlock the Potential of R for Data Analytics
Since the last decade, the R programming language has assumed importance as the most important tool for computational statistics, visualisation and data science. R is being used more and more to solve the most complex problems in computational biology, actuarial science and quantitative marketing.
OpenGurus - Insight
Should You Go In for Digital Repositories or a CMS?
Managing institutional repositories becomes easy with the right tools. This article covers the differences between a Content Management System (CMS) and a Repository Management System (RMS). It then goes on to focus on the DSpace RMS, with a how-to on installing it in Ubuntu.
OpenGurus - Let's Try
Get to Know the Etherios Cloud Connector
Etherios Cloud Connector allows you to seamlessly connect any M2M device to Device Cloud by Etherios.
ForU&Me - OpenBiz
For Enjay, Open Source Technology is a Way of Life
Open source is the technology of the masses. Don’t believe it? Well, read this article and you will be forced to acknowledge that open source technology is making deeper inroads into the market with every passing day. An entirely open sourcebased company, Enjay IT Solutions, has built itself a reputation in the OSS domain. Diksha P Gupta delves deep into the makings of this success story during a conversation with Limesh Parekh, CEO, Enjay IT Solutions Ltd. Read on...
ForU&Me - Overview
A Peek into the Top Password Managers
We use passwords to ensure security and the confidentiality of our data. One of the biggest modern day crimes is identity theft, which is easily accomplished when passwords are compromised. The need of the hour is good password management. If you have considered using a password manager and haven’t decided on one, this article features the top five.
Developers - How To
Make Your Web Pages Livelier with Jekyll
GitHub Pages are public Web pages hosted for free by Jekyll, on the other hand, is a simple blog-aware static site generator. This article introduces readers to both GitHub Pages and Jekyll, before demonstrating how the two open source projects can be made to work in tandem to create a wonderful blog.
Developers - How To
Getting Started with GreenCloud Simulator
GreenCloud enables the detailed modelling of the energy consumed by a data centre’s IT equipment. In this article, the author discusses the installation of GreenCloud, and walks the reader through a few simulation exercises by changing the parameters of the cloud as well as the source code.
Admin - Overview
Explore the Benefits of Data Storage Systems
Data storage systems are used to store, access and safeguard data and enable its efficient management. They facilitate quick and efficient data retrieval. Learn more about them in this article
Admin - Interview
Venturing into the Cloud? Develop a Customised Cloud Strategy First!
The magic of the cloud has touched everyone, directly or indirectly, though Indian companies are still treading carefully in this domain. Diksha P Gupta from Open Source For You speaks to Rushikesh Jadhav, cloud evangelist, ESDS Software Solution Pvt Ltd, on how the cloud has changed the way companies invest in their computing infrastructure and how they ought to prepare themselves for the coming days.
Admin - Interview
Love Troubleshooting? Consider a Career in Systems Administration
If you are a tinkerer at heart and see yourself as a problem-solver, a career in Linux systems administration may be worth considering.
For U & Me - Let's Try
You Can Master Trigonometry with Maxima!
Maxima is a descendant of Macsyma, a breed of computer algebra systems, which was developed at MIT in the late 1960s. Owing to its open source nature, it has an active user community. This is the 17th article in the ‘Mathematics in Open Source’ series, in which the author deals with fundamental trigonometric expressions.
For U & Me - OpenBiz
“Switching to Tizen doesn’t mean we are abandoning Android”
Samsung surely knows how to grab the eyeballs of techies and developers. After becoming a giant with Android, Samsung has now ventured into the world of wearable devices with the latest platform, Tizen. The company has worked to build Tizen up from scratch and has now introduced it to developers and the general public with its latest range of wearable devices including Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit. Of course, the company is in no mood to give up on Android and is continuing to bank big on its Galaxy range of Android devices. Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latest entrant in the segment. With the company heavily investing in two of the biggest open source platforms, developers have loads of reasons to rejoice. Diksha P Gupta from Open Source For You caught up with Manu Sharma, director, Mobile Business, Samsung Electronics (India) about how the company plans to popularise Tizen, without ignoring Android. Read on...

In this month’s column, we continue our discussion on information retrieval.
Guest Column - Exploring Software
Getting Started with Zotonic
Zotonic is an open source Web framework built with Erlang. It is fast, scalable and extensible, and has been built to support dynamic, interactive websites. Marc Worrell, the main architect of Zotonic, started working on the project in 2008.
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