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OpenSource For You
December  2015   Issue Vol. 4  No. 3 

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Creating and Running Apps on the Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud
Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform developed to build, deploy and manage Web applications through cloud services. It provides both PaaS and IaaS services. Besides Microsoft software, it supports various programming languages, tools, frameworks and other third party systems and software.

Developers-How To
Create an Exe File for your Python Application in Windows
You can build your own search tool for Windows, using Python and allied technologies, by going through this tutorial. This tool will search for files which are located on a pen drive too. You can also hone your Python and programming skills by trying out this tutorial.
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Using Open Source Software on Windows
Sometimes, for compelling reasons, one is forced to work on proprietary software like Microsoft Windows. Even then, one can take advantage of open source software designed for Windows. In this article, the author describes various software that can be installed on Windows, along with a few tips on how to use these effectively.
For U & Me - How To
How to Run Linux on a Windows Machine
Kipling once said, “Oh, East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet ...” This same sentiment was often echoed about Linux and Windows. However, today, Linux can run on a Windows machine. This article discusses the several ways in which this is possible.
For U & Me - Overview
Daily Use for FREE Software for Windows
For many Windows users, the lure of pirated software is often difficult to resist. But there is no need to break the law when legal,
open source and free software that is sometimes even better than the package it is replacing, is available. This article lists out free software that can be used on a Windows machine to replace expensive proprietary software.
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Rockstor The Rockstar among NAS Solutions
This article is a tutorial on using Rockstor, particularly for setting up multi-period snapshots. The author discusses the various features of Rockstor and its installation, before moving on to cover snapshots and how to manage backups.
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A First Look at Open Computer and Software Inventory–Next Generation (OCS-NG)
OCS inventory NG is cross-platform software, which supports most OSs. It is based on the popular LAMP or WAMP solutions stack. Using a standardised Web interface of HTTP protocols, the network agents communicate with the management server via XML protocols. By deploying it, the systems admin’s job can be made much easier.
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The Basics of Graphic Network Simulator 3
GNS3 is a software emulator for networks. The GNS3 website describes it as the ‘…software that empowers network professionals.’ This article provides the reader with the basics of GNS3 and a few test labs, which could be tried out by interested readers.
Admin - How To
Run Multiple Operating Systems on a Single Machine with VirtualBox
Here’s a complete overview of the open source tool VirtualBox that will help you to run multiple operating systems on a single machine. This article is targeted at all those who run multiple operating systems, or would like to try out new operating systems and configure them without disturbing the existing set-up of their machines. For noobs, the article contains a hands-on demo for setting up a virtual machine (VM).
Admin - How To
Configuring Chef Server to Monitor Chef Clients
The previous article in DevOps Corner gave an overview of Chef and the procedure to set up a basic sandbox environment with Chef Server. In this article, the authors look at how to install and configure client VMs and Chef agents on them. Subsequently, they move on to explore how Chef agents connect to Chef Server, and how to configure agents to enable monitoring the clients from the server.
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Apache mahaout The Recommender System for Big Data
In social networking sites and in e-commerce, recommendations play a key role. E-commerce, in particular, depends on website traffic which is driven to it by various means. Fortunately, machine learning algorithms like Recommender can be used effectively in both these cases. This article focuses on Mahout’s recommender systems.
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Configuring an SDN Controller in Open Source Mininet Emulator
The exponential increase in the use of the Internet, coupled with the growth in cloud computing, has created a need for better network control and management. Software defined networking (SDN) – a means to control the network through software – is a solution to the problem. This tutorial, aimed at researchers working in the SDN and the cloud computing domain, presumes knowledge of Mininet Emulator, Python and SDN and would be of interest to B. Tech, M. Tech and PhD scholars looking for an open source simulation platform for SDN.
Admin - Overview
Exploring Processes Using Sysinternals
Sysinternals is a freeware tool that can help to manage, diagnose, troubleshoot and monitor a Windows environment. It is a part of the Microsoft TechNet website which offers diagnostic tools, technical resources and utilities. This article briefly explains how Sysinternals can be used to give information about running processes.
Developers - Insight
JavaScript: The New Parts
This article is the fourth part in this series. The author discusses the for...of iterator, collections and arrow functions.
Developers - How To
An App to Create Question Sets with Voice Input Answers
App Inventor empowers even newbies to create software applications for Android. Our regular
readers have become quite familiar with App Inventor over the past few issues of OSFY. Noobs are advised to go through our back issues and catch up. This article is a tutorial on creating a quizzing app.
Developers - How To
A Language that Helps You to Draw Graphs
DOT is a simple, plain text language that can describe graphs which both humans and computers can use. It can be used to generate graphs in different formats such as .ps and .pdf. This article describes how to install DOT, draw a graph, and then generate a graph that depicts an execution flow of a program in C.
Developers - How To
Playing Games on GNU Emac
In this article in the GNU Emacs series, let’s learn how to play games and try out some software for fun.
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Getting Started with Theme Development in Wordpress
A WordPress theme determines the look and basic functions of a WordPress site. There are hundreds of themes available for download—free or on payment. The WordPress website itself has a number of free themes. But when one needs a special theme for a particular need, then it’s time to develop one’s own theme. This article will guide the reader through the theme development process.
Open Gurus - Insight
Building Effective Machine Learning Solutions with Open Source Tools
Extracting hidden insights and patterns from data is of immense value to any business. Machine learning addresses this need effectively. But for it to work well, the right tools need to be used. Let’s take a look at a few open source tools that could be put to good use in this domain.
For U & Me - Overview
OpenStack Private Cloud Adoption: The Value-added Systems Integrator’s Role
The cloud is not a novelty any more and the IT world is more or less familiar with its potential and pitfalls. But the new entrant to the cloud family, OpenStack, has disrupted the whole ecosystem and is making headlines every day
For U & Me - Interview
We get a lot of good talent when it comes to open source
Ask a CTO about what the biggest problem is when it comes to using and implementing open source, and the answer would be ‘manpower crunch’. But Piyush Jha, AVP, product engineering, GlobalLogic, has a different opinion. He finds enough talent to carry out his open source projects. In fact, he thinks that the modern day techies vouch for open source and the power they get with it. Diksha P. Gupta from Open Source For You spoke to Jha about his open source implementations, while inviting him to Open Source India 2015. Excerpts:
Exploring Software - Guest Column
Going Against the Tide of the Apps
This article by a veteran of the computing world is an interesting account of his experiences with computers, right from punch cards to mobiles and tablets. Since he has reservations about the apps that are constantly being thrown at him from various websites, he puts forward a case for using a browser through a proxy server, rather than installing an app.
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Going Live with FFMPEG
FFMPEG is a free and open source project that produces libraries and programs for handling multimedia files and data. This article shows how one can upload a video file, screen cast, or Web cam output for YouTube Live using FFMPEG.

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