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OpenSource For You
October  2015   Issue Vol. 4  No. 1 

Developers - How To
Go: The Simple Programming Language
This is an introduction to Go, an open source programming language that makes it easy for developers to build simple, reliable and efficient software. The latest stable version of Go, the sixth major release so far, is version 1.5, which was released on August 19, 2015.

Developers - Lets Try
Getting Started with Dart
Dart is an open source Web programming language that has been rolled out by Google. It is scalable, and has robust libraries and runtimes for building Web, server and mobile apps. Touted as a rival to JavaScript, it was created out of the frustrations a few developers had with some aspects of the 20-year old language. Dart holds great promise for the future.
Developers - Lets Try
JavaScript The New Parts
ECMAScript2015 (ES6) is the specification that defines new features in JavaScript. In the second part of this series on JavaScript, let us look at new features like the binary/octal literals and enhanced object literals.
Developers - How To
Building Apps with Meteor
Meteor is a powerful platform for Web app development and an interface at which the mobile world integrates with the Web world. The ‘universal language everywhere’ feature of Meteor makes it extremely simple for developers to write apps. So it’s an option that’s certainly worth considering for Web and mobile app development.
Admin - Insight
The Five Pillars of Hadoop
From a small side-project for a search engine, Hadoop has turned into a major force today. It is now synonymous with the term ‘Big Data’. The Hadoop ecosystem has many components, which strengthen it and give it its punch.
Admin - Lets Try
Chef: Recipes that Turn Infrastructure into Code
This article, which features chefs, recipes and knives, isn’t about cooking in the kitchen. It heralds a new series of articles in the Dev-ops corner. Subsequent articles in the series will explain how to configure Chef agents in workstation nodes and how to link the agents to the Chef server. We will also cook some recipes for Chef configuration.
For U & Me - Overview
An Introduction to Open Source Programming Languages
Programming is a matter of instructing a computer to perform certain tasks. Code, which is a language that the computer understands, comes in many flavours. The wide choice of coding languages can be pretty overwhelming to a newbie. The author presents an overview of open source programming languages in this article.
Developers - How To
Android Studio: A Platform for Android Development
Android Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for the Android platform. It
simplifies app development.Though offered by Google,seasoned Java developers will immediately recognise that the toolkit is a version of IntelliJ IDEA.
Admin - Let's Try
Scripting Mail with Shell and Perl
This is a tutorial aimed at systems and middleware administrators who are new to mailing techniques but know how to use VI, VIM or any other editor. This article will also interest experts and others interested in an easier way of mailing by using a basic system and without having to install extra packages or modules.
Developers - Overview
The Rise of Mobile Application Development Platforms
There is a huge market for enterprise-ready mobile crossplatform development tools as a result of the increasing diversity in the mobile device ecosystem. Enterprises of all sizes are craving for solutions that allow the development of scalable applications using a single code base, while also taking full advantage of the capabilities of the device. The market is large, but developers few!
Admin - Lets Try
Malware Analysis Using REMnux
In this second article of the series, we focus on eliminating XOR patterns. Malware tends to employ XOR patterns for self-encryption /decryption because they obfuscate malicious code which, in turn, helps malware avoid detection.
Developers - Overview
Why Are Organisations Moving to Microservices?
Microservices is a software architecture style in which complex applications are composed of small, independent, narrowly-focused processes communicating with each other using language independent APIs. Amazon and LinkedIn have both implemented this architecture, and others are following suit.
Open Gurus-Overview
Using GNU Emacs as an Internet Relay Chat
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) provides instant communication over the Web. It is generally used for one-to-one communication or group discussion forums, also known as channels. In this article in the GNU Emacs series, we will learn how to use GNU Emacs as an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client.
OpenGurus - Insight
OpenModelica: A Powerful Engineering Modelling and Simulation Tool
The use of modelling and simulation in engineering has long been an accepted practice. Models represent the real systems either as physical reproductions in a smaller scale, or as mathematical and computer models that allow representing the dynamics of the system via simulation. Models enable you to study a system’s behaviour in ways that are either not possible or too risky in the real world.
Developers - How To
Using Python for the Cloud and Big Data Analytics
The classical programming languages are not effective in fetching live streaming data from the Internet. Here’s where versatile programming languages come to the rescue. Read on to understand how Python can be used for the cloud and for Big Data analytics.
Developers - Let's Try
An Easy-to-Follow Git Based Development Workflow
This article provides a cookbook-style Git workflow to help project teams and developers. The workflow is intended for small open source projects that have a few people as maintainers and multiple developers contributing to them.
Admin - Lets Try
Openjudge: An Online Judge for Offline Programming Contests
Do you need an impartial judge for a programming contest? Openjudge is a LAN based program judging implementation in Python. Get a taste of it in this introductory article.
Admin - Insight
WebRTC: The Way Forward for Video Over the Internet
Who doesn’t love to make a free call? Web Real-Time Communication or WebRTC enables browser-to-browser communication for video calling, P2P file sharing and voice chat. This exciting, powerful and cutting-edge technology is set to revolutionise the way we communicate.
For U & Me - CaseStudy
From a personal preference perspective, I would choose an open source solution, any day
What matters most to a CTO, you may wonder. Well, the answer is obvious—a good solution. Even better would be a good ‘cost-friendly’ solution. This is why open source technologies have been widely adopted by Anoop Menon, CTO, Menon is a die-hard fan of open source technologies and promotes these unabashedly across the firm. In an exclusive tęte-ŕ-tęte with Diksha P. Gupta from Open Source For You, he shared redBus’ journey with open source. Excerpts:
For U & Me - Interview
Business mobility is changing the core Business processes
According to the IDC Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) Enterprise Mobility 2013 Market Sizing Forecast, the total addressable enterprise mobility solutions industry, which includes applications, devices, security, middleware and professional services, is expected to grow from US$ 22 billion in 2015 to US$ 26.7 billion by 2017. The market in India is also slated to grow from US$ 1.7 billion in 2015 to US$ 2.3 billion in 2017. This is where companies like VMware see a huge opportunity. Indian organisations are paying close attention to the future of business processes in the mobile-cloud era, taking India to the cusp of the next major technology wave in the Asia Pacific region. With a new generation of smartphone-powered workers, who have easier access to end-user devices and network connectivity, businesses are prioritising and reorienting themselves around mobile innovation, apps and services. Business mobility is clearly the way to go. Diksha P Gupta from Open Source For You spoke to Sanjay Deshmukh, general manager, business mobility, VMware, APJ, about the trend called business mobility and why it is important for businesses to adopt it. Excerpts:
Buyers Guide
Things to Look at While Choosing an IaaS Provider
This guide will serve as a checklist when choosing the best IaaS provider for your organisation, from amongst the host of options available.
OpenGurus - How To
Python and Pcap in NS3
Having explored ns-3 for the past five months in OSFY, we now have come to the concluding article in the series. Through the series, awareness of ns-3, installation, its various tools and, finally, the traps and pitfalls associated with it have been covered. No study can ever encompass the full range of ns-3’s potential. We hope some of our readers will now be motivated enough to seek more knowledge about ns-3 and apply it.
For U & Me - CaseStudy
Open Source Technology: First Love of the Leaders at!
For some, open source technology is a passion; for some, it is a mission and for start-ups, it is a necessity. Ekta Mittal, head, product and technology,, vouches for the fact that open source technologies can truly be the backbone of a tech based start-up like hers. Of course, cost saving makes open source technologies lucrative, but there are other factors too. Diksha P. Gupta from Open Source For You got in touch with Mittal to explore how start-ups like benefit from open source technologies. Read on...
For U & Me - Overview
Are Business Intelligence Tools Really Intelligent?
Users of Business Intelligence (BI) tools have several issues to contend with. The primary concern relates to whether these tools are really intelligent and future ready. This article highlights some issues and presents a wish list for BI tools of the future.
Developers - How To
Building a Music Player Application in App Inventor 2
Continuing with our series on building Android apps with App Inventor 2, we present our DIY fans with a project to build a simple music player app with three buttons.

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