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OpenSource For You
March  2015   Issue Vol. 4  No. 5 

Admin - Overview
Ten Open Source Security Tools
With security breaches occurring as often as they do on the Internet, it pays to take precautions against identity theft, denial of service attacks, DNS poisoning, etc. This article takes the reader through ten popular open source security tools.

For U & Me - Overview
A Few Things You Must Know About Free and Open Source Licences
This informative article covers the scope of various free and open source licences along with the subtle differences between them. It concludes with a few guidelines on choosing a software licence, and a brief description of the top 10 free and open source licences.
For U & Me - Insight
Cuckoo: A Malware Analyser Companies Can Depend Upon
Cuckoo is a leading open source malware analyser. The Cuckoo sandbox facilitates effective analysis of various types of malware by monitoring their behaviour in a secure and isolated environment with the help of virtual machines. Based on Python, it is definitely a must-have tool in the armoury of any computer security expert.
Admin-Let's Try
Aircrack-ng: Securing Wireless Networks
Aircrack-ng is not a single tool, but rather a suite of tools that can be used to hack a wireless network. In this article, though, it is used to secure a wireless network by discovering its vulnerabilities. Read on to see how this can be done.
Admin - How To
A Few Facts about ARP Spoofing
Wireless sniffing involves the capture of all the packets that pass through a given wireless network interface. Sniffing is one of the most effective techniques used when attacking a network. Active sniffing nvolves injecting packets into the network, which leads to traffic. This article deals with active sniffing and ARP spoofing.
Admin - How To
Carry Out Efficient Server Management with Cockpit
Cockpit is a server management tool that is specially designed for new sysadmins. It allows them to perform simple tasks such as starting and stopping services, storage administration and journal inspection. Although it is a Web tool, switching to the terminal is seamless.
Admin - Overview
Computing Made Easy with LAN Tools 64
It is the utilities that make computing easy and comfortable. This article on LAN tools describes a few useful and practical utilities.
Admin - How To
Building a Multi-node Hadoop Cluster on Ubuntu
This tutorial describes how to build a distributed Apache Hadoop multi-node cluster on four nodes running Ubuntu Server 14.04.1 LTS.
Admin - Insight
iptables: The Default Linux Firewall
This article deals with iptables, which is a built-in firewall in Linux. The authors explain the commands to configure iptables for various situations, thus making this a must-read for newbies.
Admin - Insight
The Many Telecom Applications of Asterisk
Over the course of the past few articles in the series, we got familiar with the general Asterisk environment, the typical hardware involved and the implementation of a basic IP PBX, which is the most important Asterisk application. In this article, the author outlines multiple applications that can be based on the Asterisk platform, which will help to understand its potential as a telecommunications platform.
Developers - How To
Use Haskell to Access Two Popular Databases
Haskell, named after logician Haskell Curry, is a standardised, general-purpose, purely functional programming language, with non-strict semantics and strong static typing. In this ninth article on Haskell, we shall cover access to Sqlite and MySQL databases using Haskell modules.
Developers - Let's Try
Qt5: Console Applications and Networking
Continuing with the series on Qt5 programming, this article takes the reader on to writing code and building a console application, which is also a network server.
Developers - Let's Try
The Benefits of Rust and How it Scores Over C
Rust is a modern systems programming language that primarily aims at using code that is memory safe. It has a lot of new features that are not available in the C programming language. Rust makes dangling pointers impossible. It also tests the code examples mentioned in the documentation and therefore keeps the code syntax updated.
Developers - How To
Back Up Data by Using a Simple Shell Script
Though there are a number of database backup tools available in the computer app market, this article is targeted at systems administrators who might not like to get their hands dirty with the complex configuration process involved. For them, we present a simple shell script that will perform the task adequately, with no complications.
Developers - How To
Interfacing Python with Excel
In this article, the author discusses interfacing Python with Excel. Data stored in numerous Excel sheets can be extracted by using the Python packages written for the same (like xlrd). And the author’s demonstration of its benefits in a real world scenario is enlightening
Developers - Insight
Dangling Pointers Avoid them Strictly!
This article takes off from an earlier one on constant pointers. Here, the focus is on dangling pointers—how they occur and how to prevent them. The article is a great guide for C newbies.
Admin - Overview
ModSecurity, Solves the Manager’s Dilemma
In today’s world it is important to look at security beyond the network level. ModSecurity secures Web applications, which has now become the prime targets of cyber criminals.
For U & Me - Insight
Get Friendly with FFmpeg
Manipulating sound and video files appeals to one’s creative instincts. FFmpeg, which is used by application software such as VLC, Mplayer, etc, can be used to great effect when working with sound and video files. Let’s take a look at how concatenation, fading and overlay can be done in video files using FFmpeg.
For U & Me - Insight
How to Write Your First Technical Book
Writing a book can be both an exhilarating and an exhausting experience! It can help your career by giving you visibility, recognition from your community and set you apart as an achiever. Personally, you will get a sense of achievement and some additional income. Inspired by the line “Anyone can cook!” from the movie Ratatouille, the author believes that anyone can write! In this article, he outlines the book writing process, debunks common myths about book writing, and provides a realistic perspective on what it takes to write a book.
For U & Me - Let's Try
Ten Lesser Known Commands for Linux Users
The ten Linux commands listed in this article are not well known but can be pretty useful for systems administrators.
For U & Me - Interview
Jobs are aplenty for people with expertise in open source technologies!
Although South India has an edge when it comes to the adoption of open source technology, other parts of the country are not far behind. What is really a concern for the IT industry is the dearth of open source professionals. Sadly, open source technology is yet to penetrate deep into our education system, but certifications help to get those interested more employable.Diksha P Gupta from Open Source For You spoke to Dr Mendus Jacob, managing director and CEO of IPSR Solutions, and found that there are enough jobs for open source professionals but certain employability factors need to be worked upon. Excerpts:
Exploring Software
Automate the Cropping of Photos from Scanned Album Pages
This month, we switch to a new track. Let’s explore how Imagemagick kills the drudgery in extracting photographs from scanned pages by automating the process.

In this month’s column, we discuss how to apply data analytics to ‘data at rest’ in
storage systems and the buzz around content-centric storage.

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