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December  2014   Issue Vol. 3  No. 3 

Developers - Let's Try
Developing Applications Using NoSQL Databases
NoSQL (or ‘Not only SQL’) databases offer the means to store and retrieve data that is not stored in the traditional RDBMS style of tabular columns. NoSQL is rapidly finding a place in Big Data and realtime Web applications.

Developers - Overview
Guard Your Web Applications Against the Top 10 Vulnerabilities
A flawed Web application is a security risk. OWASP’s ‘Top 10 Vulnerabilities’ is a powerful document that raises awareness about the dangers out there and pinpoints possible flaws in a Web application. It also suggests ways and means to counter these susceptibilities. OWASP enjoys the support and backing of security experts from around the world.
Developers - Insight
Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Delving Deep into its Architecture
A Java Virtual Machine can be thought of as an abstract computer that is defined by certain specifications. The author leads readers deep into the architectural details of JVM to give them a better grasp of its concepts.
Developers - Let's Try
Enhance Java Applications with FOSS APIs
Java application developers have access to many free and open source APIs that ease their workload. This article, which presumes the reader has some knowledge of Netbeans, Core Java and Java Swing, demonstrates the
implementation of user input validation, reporting and SMS integration.
Open Source India 2014
Open Source India 2014 The Industry Meets the Community
We take you on a tour of the 11th edition of Asia’s largest convention on open source, featuring over 45 speakers in various sessions, hands-on workshops and success stories… a post show report by Manvi Saxena, a member of the editorial team at EFY, on an event that was filled to the rafters!
Developers - Let's Try
An Introduction to Firefox OS
“We’re out to make a difference, not a profit,” says the project’s home page. The Firefox operating system has come into the market with a big bang. Read about how to install it on your computer system.
Developers - Insight
Constant Pointers and Pointers to Constant A Subtle Difference in C Programming
Aimed at those new to C programming, this article clears up the confusion between the
terms used in it, with illustrative examples.
Developers - Let's Try
What is the Haskell I/O?
This article is a must read for anyone interested in getting a good insight into the input/output (IO) functionality of Haskell.
The Need to Address Security Concerns in the
Cloud Environment

Security of data is of paramount concern to those in government and industry. This article takes readers through the typical security concerns in the traditional environment, before going on to the cloud environment.
Admin - How To
Automate the Bare Metal Provisioning Process through Razor
This article describes how to automate the bare metal provisioning of physical and virtual machines through Razor, an open source tool that works perfectly with Puppet.
Admin - Let's Try
Secure Your Linux Box With Effective User and Group Management
Security is a paramount concern today with identity theft becoming an everyday occurrence. Linux security is built around privileges given to users and groups. This article introduces the reader to the basics of user and group management in Linux.
Admin - Let's Try
Automate Repetitive Tasks with SaltStack
SaltStack is an open source, scalable, flexible systems management software that can be used for data centre automation, cloud orchestration, server provisioning and configuration management.
For u & Me - Let's Try
Speed Up your Research Paper with Zotero
Zotero is an amazing open source tool that helps writers to manage the various references used in their articles and presentations. Essentially, it helps them to add these references to their articles with minimal drudgery but with clinical precision.
For u & Me - Insight
Use the History Command Effectively to Make Your Work Easier
Linux users have to make use of the command line at one time or the other. The History command saves them from repeatedly typing certain commands. This article will help readers to leverage the History operations available.
For u & Me - Let's Try
Tweak Firefox to Get a Better Browsing Experience
Here are a few simple tricks to improve Mozilla Firefox’s performance and privacy settings. You can also enjoy ads-free browsing
For u & Me - Book Extract
Why Care About Technical Debt?
Quick fix solutions in software design, if not corrected, can lead to ‘technical debt’, which if not addressed in time, can lead to ‘technical bankruptcy’. This article, which is an extract from the first chapter of the book, ‘Refactoring for Software Design Smells: Managing Technical Debt’, looks into the causes and impact of technical debt, and gives a few tips on how to manage it.
For U & Me - Let's Try
Playing Around with Graphs in Maxima
In the final and 24th article in this series, the reader gets to play around with graphs using previously gained knowledge about the graphs package of Maxima.
Open Gurus - How To
Develop a GNU/Linux-like OS for a Single Board Computer
Single board computers (SBCs) have a variety of applications such as monitoring and observation devices, kiosk terminals, etc. In this column, the author shares his experience of developing a monolithic-kernel GNU/Linux-like OS on the ARM platform for a SBC.
For U & Me - Interview
IT requirements, business constraints and workload requirements determine the best choice for a server
The latest trends in the mobile, cloud, social networking and Big Data arenas pose new challenges to IT heads. They are forced to develop new approaches towards the data centre and its processing engine - the server, to enable successful business results. To address these challenges, HP recently unveiled its new ProLiant Gen9 servers that aim to help customers reduce costs and complexity, accelerate IT service delivery and enable business growth. IT organisations are under increasing pressure to quickly and efficiently deliver more applications and services, as well as store and deliver exponentially increasing amounts of data while reducing costs, and hence are constrained by traditional data centre and server architectures. HP claims that the new ProLiant Gen9 servers are designed to address these challenges, delivering flexible, scalable computing resources that are aligned to companies’ business goals. But this doesn't end the confusion for IT heads. They still need to figure out what the best choice for their workloads and businesses is. Diksha P Gupta from Open Source For You spoke to Gopalswamy Srinivasan, category manager, servers, HP India, about the factors that can help IT heads select the best server for their business.Read on...
Open Gurus - Let's Try
Install BURG, the Brand-new Universal loadeR from GRUB
There’s a new boot loader on the block called BURG. Install it and discover how to enjoy it
with this simple tutorial!
For U & Me - Let's Try
Playing Around with Graphs in Maxima
In the final and 24th article in this series, the reader gets to play around with graphs using previously gained knowledge about the graphs package of Maxima.
For U & Me - Open Strategy
Mozilla Smartphones are Here to Replace Feature Phones!
After a long wait, Mozilla has finally launched Firefox-based smartphones in India. Coming from companies like Spice and Intex, Mozilla’s devices are affordable and appeal to the entry-level smartphone users. The company plans to compete in this space only, and aims to offer an experience with a difference. Diksha P Gupta from Open Source For You spoke to Dr James Ho, senior director of mobile devices, Mozilla, about the company’s strategy in India and how it plans to work with developers to make the Mozilla OS an even more robust system.
In The News
Indian Government Opts for Open Source in New Policy!
Open source experts are quite in favour of the new policy and believe this is the right move on the government’s part. However, they caution that it must be implemented with extra care for the best impact.
In The News
Microsoft Releases Source Code of .NET for Linux and Mac OS!
Microsoft is accumulating all the next-gen .NET components under a single umbrella, named .NET 2015.

In this month’s column, we feature a set of interview questions on algorithms,
data structures, operating systems and computer architecture.
Exploring Software - Guest Column
Exploring Big Data on a Desktop, with Hadoop, Elasticsearch and Pig
In continuation of earlier articles, the author goes further into the subject to discuss Elasticsearch and Pig, and explain how they can be used to create an index for a large number of PDF files.

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