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April  2014   Issue Vol. 2  No. 7 

Developers - Insight
Use New Way To Develop Android Apps
This article clears the air about the general perception that Android apps must be written only in Java. Advances in the mobile development environment have made it possible to create hybrid apps without working with Java, by using cross-platform tools such as PhoneGap.

Developers - Let's Try
Using Xposed Framework to Tweak Your Android
The Xposed Framework is for modules that can change the behaviour of the system and the apps. With Xposed, you do not have to flash a ROM on your phone (a risky business) as you can modify its behaviour by using Xposed modules, which can change the behaviour of your apps. With Xposed, the ultimate level of customisation is possible on your phone.
Admin - Overview
Some Must-Have Android Apps for Sysadmins
Here are a number of Android apps that can actively assist a systems administrator.
Admin - Case Study
Dish TV Reaps Rewards with TechnoInfotech’s Open Source Solution
India’s first direct to home (DTH) entertainment service provider, Dish TV, needed a scalable solution to keep pace with the colossal volume of its e-mails. The company took the open source route and went for bulk mailing services by TechnoInfotech to weed out its communication bottlenecks.
Developers - Let's Try
What’s More in Tracing with LTTng
The next big step is to trace userspace applications and understand how to view the overwhelming trace information easily using some GUI tools. Read on to dive deeper into tracing.
The Apache Spark Big Data Analytics Tool: Fast and Interactive
Apache Spark is an open source data analytics cluster computing framework that is extremely fast. It is versatile and can be used in tandem with other applications like Hadoop. Spark became an Apache Top Level Project in February 2014.
Admin-How To
Set Up Perl on Windows 7
Most modern Linux distros are shipped with Perl. However, it needs to be installed on Windows. Perl is a high level programming language, and was written by Larry Wall and others. Because of its process, file and text manipulating facilities, it is popular with programmers. Here’s a guide to setting up Perl on Windows 7.
Will Private Clouds Enhance Your Business?
A cloud computing platform that operates behind the corporate firewall and within control of the organisation's IT department may be termed a private cloud. In this article, the author makes a case for private clouds and their impact on the future of cloud computing.
Admin-How To
Set Up an Open Virtual Switch
Open Virtual Switch or Open vSwitch supports flows, VLANs, trunking and port aggregation just like other major league switches. Now, discover how to set up an Open vSwitch on an Ubuntu 12.04 system.
Open Gurus-Let's Try
Have Fun with the Script Command
The command line is one of the salient features of GNU Linux and UNIX. GNU/Linux provides many useful command line utilities and ‘script’ is one of them. It is available by
default on most GNU/Linux distributions. So explore its possibilities and try out some script recipes that should be fun.
Developers - How To
Create Cool Android Apps with AppInventor 2
Most wannabe app inventors are daunted by the coding aspect of Android app development. Read on to discover how even a novice with no knowledge of coding can create an app and get it running in a short time by using AppInventor2.
Developers - Let's Try
Programming Made Easy with MVC
This article showcases the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture by applying it to Moodle, a popular learning management system used by many institutions across the world to solve a practical problem.
For U & Me - Open Strategy
Nokia’s Android Strategy is to go Google-less
Finally, Nokia has got on to the Android bandwagon. The Finnish handset maker has launched not one, but three Android smartphones. Interestingly, this move from the company is supposed to benefit Microsoft more than Android. Prasid Banerjee from Open Source For You spoke to Pranav Shroff, product marketing manager, Nokia, about the firm’s Android strategy.
Admin - Let's Try
gPXE: A Troubleshooting Note for Sysadmins
This article is primarily aimed at Linux sysadmins, as they often have to do mass installations over the network. VMware ESXi administrators who use gPXE to deploy ESXi over networks will also find the contents relevant.
For U & Me - Insight
What Does Open Source Offer the Differently Abled?
There is no reason why the differently abled cannot use computers as well as others. Free and open source accessibility tools are the means by which the physically and otherwise challenged can enjoy a complete, wholesome and enriching IT experience. This article looks at a few of these tools.
For U & Me - Career
Will a Career in Mobile Game Development be a Good Option?
The mobile gaming industry in India seems poised to grow at an unprecedented pace this year. Will this prove to be a huge job market for those who are interested in games development?
For U & Me - OpenBiz
CIGNEX Datamatics’ Open Business Model is Designed to Succeed
There is a school of thought that questions the sustainability of a successful open source business model. But FOSS has proved to be the cash-spewing machine for CIGNEX Datamatics, a global leader in open source enterprise solutions, as almost 100 per cent of its revenue comes from developing and supporting open source solutions in portals, content and Big Data analytics.
For U & Me - Let's Try
A Peek into Scilab
Scilab is free and open source software for numerical computation, which originated from Inria in France. It is used in various sectors like space, aeronautics, automotive, energy, defence, finance and transport. Learn more about it here.
For U & Me - Recruitment Trends
“Open source has enabled us to add the desired value to our products”
Open source software has touched many lives (read, companies). Products and technologies based on open source are known to be successful, which is why a company like Unisys Corporation is banking on it for the bandwidth it gives firms to experiment and innovate. Unisys does a major part of its development work in India, as it finds the open source talent pool here one of the best in the world. Diksha P Gupta from Open Source For You spoke to Jim Thompson, CTO, TCIS, Unisys and L N V Samy, VP, Engineering, GTC, Unisys, about the firm’s operations in India. Excerpts:
For U & Me - Inverview
“Open source IP PBX solutions are constantly being upgraded by the developer community”
In a freewheeling chat with Open Source For You, Devasia Kurian, managing director, astTECS, talks in detail about open source IP PBX solutions.
Buyers Guide
Choose the Best Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Device
If you are constantly on the move, staying connected becomes critical. A good, portable Wi-Fi hotspot device, which can provide quick Internet access to many devices at a time, makes your job simpler.
Exploring Software-Guest Column
Erlang Webmachine
Our previous article in this series, ‘Exploring Software–Webservice using Mochiweb’, dealt with building a simple Web application. In this article, let us explore Erlang Webmachine.
CodeSport-Guest Column

In this month’s column, we continue our discussion on information retrieval.
Leading Players
A List of Antivirus Solutions Providers

For U & Me - Let's Try
Exploring Polynomial Manipulations in Maxima
Maxima is a computer algebra system based on Macsyma and written in Lisp. This 16th article in the series, ‘A Mathematical Journey Through Open Source’, demonstrates polynomial manipulations using Maxima.
DVD of the Month
Explore and have fun with the latest version of Kali Linux and Linux Mint Devian Edition in this issue

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