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August  2014   Issue Vol. 2  No. 11 

Developers - How To
An Introduction to the Linux Kernel
This article provides an introduction to the Linux kernel, and demonstrates how to write and compile a module.

Developers - How To
What is Linux Kernel Porting?
One of the aspects of hacking a Linux kernel is to port it. While this might sound difficult, it won’t be once you read this article. The author explains porting techniques in a simplified manner.
Developers - How To
Writing an RTC Driver Based on the SPI Bus
Most computers have one or more hardware clocks that display the current time. These are ‘Real Time Clocks’ or RTCs. Battery backup is provided for one of these clocks so that time is tracked even when the computer is switched off. RTCs can be used for alarms and other functions like switching computers on or off. This article explains how to write Linux device drivers for SPI-based RTC chips.
Developers - Let's Try
Use GIT for Linux Kernel Development
This article is aimed at newbie developers who are planning to set up a development environment or move their Linux kernel development environment to GIT.
Developers - Let's Try
Back Up a Shared Server in MongoDB
Continuing the series on MongoDB, in this article, readers learn how to set up a backup for the sharded environment that was set up over the previous two articles.
Developers - Let's Try
Haskell: The Purely Functional Programming Language
Haskell, an open source programming language, is the outcome of 20 years of research. Named after the logician, Haskell Curry, it has all the advantages of functional programming and an intuitive syntax based on mathematical notation. This second article in the series on Haskell explores a few functions.
Developers - How To
Qt-WebKit: A Quick Way to Develop A Desktop or Mobile App
Qt-WebKit, a major engine that can render Web pages and execute JavaScript code, is the answer to the developer’s prayer. Let’s take a look at a few examples that will aid developers in making better use of this engine.
Developers - Overview
Yocto Project Incubating Linux-Based Systems
This article focuses on Yocto – a complete embedded Linux development environment that offers tools, metadata and documentation.
Admin - How To
Managing Your IT Infrastructure Effectively with Zentyal
Zentyal (formerly eBox Platform) is a program for servers used by small and medium businesses (SMBs). It plays multiple roles—as a gateway, network infrastructure manager, unified threat manager, office server, unified communications server or a combination of all of the above. This is the third and last article in our series on Zentyal.
Admin - Insight
Get to Know Cloud Simulations Using FOSS
This article delves into cloud simulations, which is a fast-evolving domain. Virtual machines, hypervisors, data centres and cloud simulation tools like CloudSim and GreenCloud are covered extensively.
Admin - How To
Working with Docker
Docker is an open source project, which packages applications and their dependencies in a virtual container that can run on any Linux server. Docker has immense possibilities as it facilitates the running of several OSs on the same server
Admin - How To
Wireshark: Essential for a Network Professional’s Toolbox
This article, the second in the series, presents further experiments with Wireshark, the open source packet analyser. In this part, Wireshark will be used to analyse packets captured from an Ethernet hub.
Open Gurus - Let's Try
Building the Android Platform: Compile the Kernel
Tired of stock ROMs? Build and flash your own version of Android on your smartphone. This new series of articles will see you through from compiling your kernel to flashing it on your phone.
For U & Me - Let's Try
Lists: The Building Blocks of Maxima
This 20th article in our series on Mathematics in Open Source showcases the list manipulations in Maxima, the programming language with an ALGOL-like syntax but Lisp-like semantics.
For U & Me - Overview
Replicant: A Truly Free Version of Android
Replicant is a free and open source mobile operating system based on the Android platform. It aims at replacing proprietary Android apps and components with open source alternatives. It is security focused, as it blocks all known Android backdoors.
Developers - Insight
Write Better jQuery Code for Your Project
jQuery, the cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML, is used by over 80 per cent of the 10,000 most popularly visited websites. jQuery is free open source software which has a wide range of uses. In this article, the author suggests some best practices for writing jQuery code.
Developers - Let's Try
MariaDB The MySQL Fork that Google has Adopted
MariaDB is a community developed fork of MySQL, which has overtaken MySQL. That many leading corporations in the cyber environment, including Google, have migrated to MariaDB speaks for its importance as a player in the database firmament.
For U & Me - Open Strategy
Firefox May Change the Mobile Market!
TCL Communication’s smartphone brand, Alcatel One Touch, launched the Alcatel One Touch Fire smartphone ‘globally’ last year. Fire was the first ever phone to run the Firefox OS, an open source operating system created by Mozilla. According to many, this OS is in some ways on par with Android, if not better. Sadly, Fire has failed to see the light of day in India, because our smartphone market has embraced Android on such a large scale that other OSs find it hard to make an impact. In a candid chat, Piyush A Garg, project manager, APAC BU India, spoke to Saurabh Singh from Open Source For You about how the Firefox OS could be the next big thing and why Alcatel One Touch has not yet given up on it.
For U & Me - Interview
"The ‘new style of IT’ has eased things for IT heads!”
Want to know more about what HP calls the ‘new style of IT’? Diksha P Gupta from Open Source For You spoke to Vikram K, director, servers, HP India, about the latest in the business, the evolution of the server market and software defined data centres.
For U & Me - Overview
Swap Space for Linux: How Much is Really Needed?
Linux divides its physical memory (RAM) into chunks called pages. Swapping is the process whereby pages get transferred to a preconfigured hard disk area. The quantum of swap space is determined during the Linux installation process. This article is all about swap space, and explains the term in detail so that newbies don’t find it a problem choosing the right amount of it when installing Linux.
For U & Me - Overview
The Mozilla Location Service: Addressing Privacy Concerns
Dubbed a research project, Mozilla Location Service is the crowd-sourced mapping of wireless networks (Wi-Fi access points, cell phone towers, etc) around the world. This information is commonly used by mobile devices and computers to ascertain their location when GPS services are not available. The entry of Mozilla into this field is expected to be a game changer. So get to know more about Mozilla’s MozStumbler mobile app as well as Ichnaea.
Buyers' Guide
SSDs Move Ahead to Overtake Hard Disk Drives
High speed, durable and sleek SSDs are moving in to replace ‘traditional’ HDDs.
Exploring Software - Guest Coloumn
Big Data on a Desktop: A Virtual Machine in an OpenStack Cloud
OpenStack is a worldwide collaboration between developers and cloud computing technologists aimed at developing the cloud computing platform for public and private clouds. Let’s install it on our desktop.
Enjoy the latest release of CentOS in this month’s DVD.

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