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OpenSource For You
February  2016   Issue Vol. 4  No. 5 

Developers - Overview
Ten Open Source Web Development Tools
The main intention of this article is to make people aware about the latest open source tools that are popular today. The article will interest Web developers who use open source tools.

Developers - Overview
Deep Learning: Making Machines Ready for Complex Tasks
Deep learning or deep structured learning is a branch of machine learning based on a set of algorithms, which attempt to model high level abstractions in data by using multiple processing layers with complex structures. Deep learning is a science that’s in the early stages of development
For U & Me - Overview
Ten Useful Commands in Linux
That the power of Linux lies in its command line is an oft repeated statement and newbies need to be introduced to it. This article lists the top 10 commands in Linux.
Admin - How To
Patch Management Made Easy with Spacewalk
For a systems administrator controlling hundreds of Linux servers, not an uncommon scenario in an era of Big Data, it could be rather overwhelming if each one had to be patched, updated or required routine software management tasks done individually. Spacewalk is an open source patch management system. This article takes the reader through how to deploy it.
Admin - Overview
An Introduction to Qubes
Conventional security methods like the use of antivirus software or firewalls are no longer capable of stopping sophisticated malware attacks. Qubes overcomes this flaw by offering secure, compartmentalised virtual machines to run various aspects of the user’s digital life. Thus, if a system is compromised by browsing through an untrusted website, banking activities can still be done securely in a VM which is isolated in another compartment.
Admin - How To
Chef Recipes to Configure the Desired State of a System
Chef is the answer when
managing dynamic infrastructure. It automates how applications are configured, deployed and managed across your network, irrespective of its size. This is the fourth article in our series on Chef. Read on for better insights into this versatile tool.
Admin - Let'Try
SHC Shell Script Compiler: An Introduction
The generic shell script compiler (SHC) can hide source code, which is useful in preventing
accidental erasures, alterations and deliberate, mischievous and malicious tampering. It also converts shell scripts directly into binaries.
Developers - Insight
Understanding Object Slicing in C++
This article is intended for college students, as well as new and intermediate programmers. Although the idea of object slicing is known to many expert programmers, anyone who comes across this concept for the first time can fumble with the nitty-gritty. The article starts by introducing object slicing, before going on to show examples of how things can really go wrong. It ends by providing ways to avoid the problems.
Developers - How To
Automating Certificate Generation for Events Using GIMP
This article should interest DIY enthusiasts, providing them with the knowhow to generate multiple customised certificates using GIMP. With a little bit of Python and GIMP, one can add value to events by issuing computer generated certificates to participants – all in quick time and without much effort.
Developers - Insight
Waiting and Blocking in a Linux Driver
This is the second article on waiting and blocking in a Linux driver. As we’ve discovered earlier, waiting and blocking are as inevitable in Linux drivers as death and taxes in real life, so let us try to understand the process better with this insightful article.
Developers - Insight
Using Android for the Enterprise
This article takes an in-depth look at Android devices in relation to their use in the enterprise. The author details the features, form factors and strategies for enterprise mobile use. He also covers aspects like customisation, applications and management of both Android devices and apps.
Developers - Insight
Express: A Web Application Framework for Node.js
Express is a Node.js web application framework designed for building single-page, multi-page and hybrid web applications. Its design is minimalistic but it has many features available as plugins and enables rapid development of Node.js based Web applications.
Developers - How To
Animation Demo in App Inventor 2
With the development of Android apps being all the rage, we move a step further in our quest to master App Inventor 2. In this article, the author touches upon the basics of using animation in Android apps.
Developers - Let's Try
An Introduction to Kivy
Kivy is an open source Python framework, which allows the development of multi-touch mobile and desktop applications with Natural User Interface. Let’s take a look at its basics and go through a tutorial on building a basic Kivy application.
Developers - Let's Try
The Utility of User Scripts (JS) and User Styles (CSS)
The browsing experience can be marred by a few irritants. A ticked box asking users to remain signed in, a poor choice of colours for the Web page, or pages asking for your phone number before signing you in… all these things can be done away with through the judicious use of user scripts and user styles.
Developers - How To
The Emacs Newsreader
Elfeed and Gnus are Web feed news readers for Emacs. In this article in the GNU Emacs series, we will learn how to use GNU Emacs as a news reader.
Developers - Let's Try
JavaScript: The New Parts
JavaScript has come a long way in its 20 odd years of existence. It continues to grow from strength to strength because of its versatility. ES6 adds a new dimension to JavaScript, taking it to the next level. This article is the sixth in this series.
Developers - Overview
Trending Open Source Technologies
Open source technologies are in a constant state of flux and evolution. This article is meant to draw attention to emerging and trending open source technologies, giving their salient features in a nutshell.
For U & Me - Overview
Trending Open Source Technologies
Just as organisms have a life cycle, so do processes. They are born, they carry out assigned tasks, they go to sleep and, finally, die or are killed. In the course of its life cycle, a process goes through various stages. This article outlines the life of a process in Linux.
For U & Me - Overview
An Introduction to F-Droid
F-Droid is an alternate software repository which has only free apps. In this article, the author identifies a few F-Droid apps that can be added to smartphones to improve privacy settings, productivity, as well as the experience of chatting or listening to music.
For U & Me - Overview
Five Easy-to-Use Open Source Music Players
This article makes us aware of how often we use open source software without even realising it. Aimed at all music lovers, it features a few very basic, commonly used music players for desktops and mobile devices.
For U & Me - Let's Try
Pencil: A GUI Prototyping Tool for All Platforms
Evolus’ Pencil provides a free and open source GUI prototyping tool that can easily be installed and used to create mock-ups in popular desktop platforms. Pencil incorporates popular drawing features to simplify drawing operations. While it has a large collection of shapes included in it by
default, it has even more collections developed by the community.
Opengurus - Let's Try
RIOT: An Operating System for the IoT
There are only a few operating systems that are suitable for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. RIOT OS, which is free and open source, is specially designed to meet the particular needs of the IoT, with features like a low memory footprint, high energy efficiency, real-time capabilities, a modular and configurable communication stack, and support for a wide range of low-power devices.
Opengurus - Let's Try
Using Open Source Libraries for Sentiment Analysis on Social Media
Social media plays a crucial role in the formation of public opinion. Sentiment analysis, also known as opinion mining, is the processing of natural language, text analysis and computational linguistics to extract subjective information from source material. Sentimental analysis is used in poll result prediction, marketing and customer service.
For U & Me - Interview
IoT is not an IT Initiative, but a Business Function

By now, we all know what Iot is, but do we really know what to do with it? EFY tried to address this issue with some brainstorming sessions at Open Source India 2015 and Iot Show 2016. But we don't want to leave it at that. IoT is the agenda going forward, for many enterprises, but do they really know how to embrace it? Diksha P. Gupta from Open Source For You spoke to R. Ravi vice-president, research & Development, HCL Services Ltd, to figure out how best IoT can help organisations grow their businesses. Excerpts:
CodeSport-Guest Coloumn

In this month’s column, we feature a set of computer science interview questions.
Exploring Software-Guest Coloumn
Bluetooth Speakers and Beginners’ Blues
Bluetooth speakers may not connect natively when used with Linux distributions. Solutions to the problem come from the author's own experiments with Bluetooth speakers and various genres of Linux.
For U & Me - Let's Try
Pencil: A GUI Prototyping Tool for All Platforms
Evolus’ Pencil provides a free and open source GUI prototyping tool that can easily be installed and used to create mock-ups in popular desktop platforms. Pencil incorporates popular drawing features to simplify drawing operations. While it has a large collection of shapes included in it by
default, it has even more collections developed by the community.
For U & Me - Let's Try
A Few Useful Linux Commands for CLI Enthusiasts
Linux’s forte is the command line. So here is the author's compilation of a set of Linux commands and utilities for the enthusiast and for systems administrators. Your computing experience should improve after trying out these commands.

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Issue Vol. 4 No. 4


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