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May  2015   Issue Vol. 3  No. 8 

An Introduction to Docker
Learn about Docker, which is an open source project that can automate the deployment of software applications inside software containers. Docker can be provisioned on any infrastructure, be it laptops or the public cloud. This platform can be very useful for sysadmins and developers.

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Orchestrating Docker Using Puppet
Docker containers are empowering developers worldwide, helping them automate the deployment of applications as portable self-sufficient containers. In this article, the author shows how Puppet can be used as an orchestration tool to provision, deploy and manage your servers with Docker running on them.
Admin - How To
Running a Web Server Inside a Docker Container
There are problems with setting up Docker when it is operated behind a proxy. This article explains how these can be overcome.
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Monitoring Docker Infrastructure
Elsewhere in this issue, the installation of Docker has been covered. This article deals with how Docker infrastructure can be monitored.
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Virtkick Hassle-free Access to the Cloud
Virtkick is a single-click cloud management centre. It is user friendly, and makes cloud computing easy and manageable. You can create a virtual machine (VM) with Virtkick with just five clicks. It has the look and feel of a mobile app and can be used on multiple devices – PCs, tablets or mobiles.
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LXCOS: Unleashing the Power of LXC to Build PaaS Solutions
LXC or Linux Containers is virtualisation at the operating system level, which can be used to run multiple isolated containers or Linux systems on a single host. The LXCOS operating system, crafted on Chef, is versatile and can easily use pre-baked templates mainly for Web based CMS.
Developers - How To
Creating an Audio and Video Player Using jPlayer
This tutorial walks the reader through the process of creating a basic audio/video player on a website and then customising it to add more features. The tutorial carries the required code and so makes this an interesting and doable project
Developers - How To
Using Parallel Ports to Control Devices
Peripheral devices are connected to a computer through interfaces called ports, which could be serial or parallel. A parallel port is a parallel physical communication interface. Let’s find out how to use a parallel port to control our devices. The code mentioned in this article can be used easily by anyone familiar with the Linux system and with writing a character device driver.
Developers - How To
Network Programming in Haskell
Haskell, named after logician Haskell Curry, is a standardised, general-purpose, purely functional programming language, with non-strict semantics and strong static typing. This eleventh article on Haskell covers network programming.
Developers - How To
Working with Underscore JavaScript Templates
This article is targeted at front-end developers and takes the reader on a tour of Underscore.js, which is an easy-to-learn JavaScript library.
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Build Your First Add-on for Mozilla Firefox in 30 Minutes
Mozilla Firefox is a fast, multi-platform Web browser with an extremely large user base. Firefox is made highly customisable by the use of thousands of add-ons, but there is scope for more. This tutorial demonstrates how to build a Firefox add-on in a very short time.
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Linux Without Wires The Basics of Bluetooth
Bluetooth technology is used for short range (1 metre to 100 metres) communication. It is the most widespread wireless technology, and is divided into classes according to the power and communication range.
Developers - Overview
OpenShift: A Multiple Award-winning PaaS Tool
Platform as a Service (PaaS) has come to stay as a developer tool, as it allows users to concentrate on the app rather than be involved with the platform. OpenShift, developed by Red Hat, is a great PaaS tool. Wade through this article to get acquainted with it.
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Secure a Linux Box through the Right File Permissions
This article discusses how a Linux machine can be controlled by assigning permissions for accessing files and directories to owner users, group members and other users. Advanced
techniques for user and group management are also covered.
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Experience the Virtual World
with OpenVZ

OpenVZ is container based, open source, virtualisation technology for Linux. It can be used to install multiple, fully isolated Linux containers easily on a single host machine. Apart from its low overhead, OpenVZ has many advantages over other virtualisation systems like KVM.
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Deploying the LAMP Stack on Docker Containers
This article gives the reader a tutorial on deploying the LAMP stack on a Docker container.
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The Most Popular Security Assessment and Server Hardening Tools
Enterprises require high levels of security for their computer systems. A server attack or a malware intrusion can cause incalculable damage. Prudence, therefore, is the keyword here. This article describes the most popular server auditing and testing tools, along with penetration testing and network security tools.
Admin - Insight
An Introduction to ns-3
This article is the first in a new series on ns-3, which is a discrete event network simulator for Internet systems, meant primarily for research and educational use. The ns-3 project seeks to create an open networking environment that the network research community would prefer.
For U & Me - Insight
A Brief Note on the Next Generation of Mobile Apps
Mobile devices have become ubiquitous. In many cases, mobiles perform the work expected of a PC. Hence, there is a need for us to take a long, hard look at the next generation of mobile apps that will support personal and professional work on mobile devices.
In The News
Open Source Software for E-Governance Projects
DeitY is promoting the use of open source software in all important e-governance projects. This will aid the implementation of the Indian government’s Digital India programme, which aims to make government services accessible online to citizens in their localities.
Exploring Software - Guest Column
Exploring Big Data on a Desktop: Spark and HBase
The last issue of OSFY carried the column ‘Exploring Big Data’, which took a look at Apache Spark. This article explores HBase, the Hadoop database, which is a distributed, scalable big data store. The integration of Spark with HBase is also covered.
CodeSport - Guest Column

In this month’s column, we continue our discussion on natural language processing, focusing on automatic key phrase extraction.
Open Gurus - Let's Try
Plotting with Scilab is Simple
This article discusses various types of plots based on mathematical computations done in Scilab, which is open source software for numerical computation. Seven different types of plots used in seven different computations are explored, along with illustrations.

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