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September  2015   Issue Vol. 3  No. 12 

Admin - Overview
Things to Consider While Building a Storage Solution
Deciding on a storage solution for any venture can be tough. Follow the conversation between Eve, a young entrepreneur, and Bob, a storage expert, to discover more about the various storage solutions available to you.

Admin - Overview
Picking the Perfect Backup Solution
Is proprietary software the only answer to a perfect backup solution? Here is a case for using open source backup solutions not just for personal use, but even in an industry in which there is no room for mistakes.
Admin - How To
Secured, De-duplicated Backup Using Python Tools
Critical data on any system can be safeguarded against accidental erasure, corruption, damage, etc, by an efficient backup system. Backup and recovery are integral to any well-managed computer system, be it for personal computing or enterprise computing. Explore the essentials of a backup system in this article and take a tutorial on the Python tools, Bakthat and Attic.
Admin - Let's Try
Back Up Your Files with Déjà Dup
This is a guide to using the packages Déjà Dup and Duplicity for backups on desktops and workstations. While Déjà Dup, which rides on the backbone of Duplicity, has a graphical user interface, Duplicity is for code lovers.
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Fwbackups – Back up Files with Ease
Here’s a free-to-download, free-to-use, feature-rich user backup program that allows you to back up your documents any time and anywhere. It is also cross platform. It has a powerful yet easy-to-use UI. In short, fwbackups keeps your data safe and secure.
For U & Me - Overview
Ten Must-Have Open Source Tools for Backup and Recovery
This is a list of 10 open source backup and recovery tools that the author believes are the most useful. We suggest that the reader tries out a few of them.
Admin - Let's Try
Malware Analysis Using REMnux
This article explores malware analysis using the open source tool REMnux. It begins with the basics of malware, how it functions, the steps to building a malware analysis kit and then moves on to a detailed tutorial on REMnux.
Admin - Insight
Mininet – An Emulator for Prototyping Large Network Topologies on a Single Machine
Mininet is a useful tool for teaching, development and research. With it, a realistic virtual network, running a real kernel switch and application code, can be set up in a few seconds on a single machine, either virtual or native. It is actively developed and supported.
Admin - Insight
Mininet – An Emulator for Prototyping Large
Network Topologies on a Single Machine

Mininet is a useful tool for teaching, development and research. With it, a realistic virtual network, running a real kernel switch and application code, can be set up in a few seconds on a single machine, either virtual or native. It is actively developed and supported.
Admin - How To
Remote Logging using Rsyslog and MySQL
Variously described by its creators as the Swiss army knife of logging or the rocket-fast system for processing logs, Rsyslog offers great security features, high performance and a modular design. It can receive log inputs from various sources, transform them and output them to the desired locations, from which they can be processed.
Developers - How To
Building a Django App
Django is an open source Web application framework that is built on the Model-View- Controller (MVC) architecture. It is a high level Python framework which enables the rapid development of Web apps. The author introduces readers to its basics along with a tutorial on creating a Web app.
Developers - How To
Building the Auto SMS or SMS Assistant App in App Inventor 2
This is the second article in our series on building Android apps. In this article, we’ll build an app called Auto SMS or SMS Assistant, which responds to callers with a pre-composed text message about how the currently- navailable receiver of the phone call, will call back later.
Developers - Insight
Finding Data in Graphs with Neo4j
Dubbed the database of the future, Neo4j is an open source graph database implemented in Java. This article is a teaser to whet your appetite for Neo4j and other graphical databases.
Developers - Insight
New Series JavaScript: The New Parts
JavaScript programming language is the most popular implementation of the ECMAScript specification. Recently, version 6 was released. This new series explains all that you need to know about the new parts.
Developers - Overview
The Xenomai Project, a Linux Based RTOS
Real-time operating systems (RTOS) are designed for real-time applications such as embedded systems, industrial robots, scientific research equipment and others. Read on to discover more about the Xenomai project, which emulates a traditional RTOS, but is ported to GNU/Linux.
OpenGurus - Insight
Get Analytical with R
R is a programming language and software environment for statistical computation and analysis. The author presents a way of doing statistical calculations using R in the field of analytical chemistry, particularly in titrations of various kinds
OpenGurus - How To
Simulating Wireless Networks in ns-3
ns-3 is a discrete event network simulator that is primarily used in teaching and research. Over the past few issues of OSFY, we have discussed various aspects of ns-3. In this article, we move forward with the simulation of a wireless network.
For U & Me - CaseStudy
MERU Rides on Open Source!
For India’s popular taxi service, Meru Cabs, open source technology has proved to be a winner. This technology is used not only for the back-end services but also for customerfacing interfaces. Nilesh Sangoi, CTO, Meru Cabs, speaks with Diksha P. Gupta from Open Source For You about how open source technology has become one of the most important parts of Meru Cabs. Read on...
OpenGurus - Insight
Buffer Navigation and Help
Continuing with our series on Emacs, in this article, let’s explore basic buffer navigation, formatting, and help commands.
Developers - Overview
The Internet of Things
The IoT is a technology in the making and we can experience it in small ways, even now. The author presents an ‘appetite whetting’ article on it, highlighting its vast potential while also raising concerns about data security and privacy.
For U & Me - CaseStudy
“We do the necessary hardening before we use open source technologies”
The best way to check the security levels of any technology is to look at its implementation in sensitive sectors like BFSI, telecom, et al. And most marketers of proprietary software will be surprised to know that open source technology is doing pretty well in these sectors too. Kotak Mahindra Bank, earlier known as ING Vysya, is one such example. Diksha P. Gupta from Open Source For You spoke to Ashwin Khorana, CTO, Kotak Mahindra Bank, to discuss the bank’s tryst with open source technology. And here’s what we got to know...
For U & Me - Interview
Open source is mainstream for enterprises today
Open source software has become a critical driver for innovation at leading companies and public sector organisations around the world. This was revealed in a new research report by Oxford Economics in partnership with Wipro Limited. The report, ‘The Open Source Era’ also shows that open source software is essential to the use of other cutting-edge technologies and that its methodologies have spread far beyond software development. Over 75 per cent of the respondents said that open source software will power their company’s cloud computing efforts in three years, and more than 60 per cent of the respondents believe that open source will power their Big Data initiatives in three years. Open source solutions are already firmly entrenched in a variety of business functions and technology initiatives—a majority of companies noted that open source software supports their mobile frameworks and a substantial number reported that it powers their middleware and content management systems too.
That is the power of open source technology today. It is no more the technology of the back-end. Andrew Aitken, general manager and global open source practice leader at Wipro opines that open source is mainstream, today. It is robust, scalable and is being used by organisations for their competitive advantage. With a model based on sharing as opposed to owning, open source has enabled better developer collaboration, faster timeto- market and lower TCO across geographies.
In an exclusive tête-à-tête with Diksha P Gupta from Open Source For You, Aitken shared how he feels open source technologies have changed the way the tech world is being shaped. Excerpts:
For U & Me - Overview
Why Students Should Get Involved in FOSS Development
Developers of proprietary software spend billions on development, yet FOSS is the choice of many of the biggest and best corporate entities. FOSS works on one of the greatest human principles – contribution and sharing. Contributions could be money, time, effort, code, and the list goes on. Students, too, can play a very important role in the development of FOSS.
Code Sport - Guest Column
Why Students Should Get Involved in FOSS Development
Exploring Software - Guest Coloumn
Using Gestures with Touchscreens on KDE5
Using the touchscreen on the netbook can be disappointing, while gestures also fail to please. In this article, the author recalls a personal of using a touchscreen and gestures on a notebook running KDES.
Buyers Guide
Here’s How You Can Buy The Right NAS Solution For Your Business!
Buying the right NAS solution can be tedious, particularly while we are witnessing the cloud revolution. Here’s a guide on how to look for the best network attached storage (NAS) for your business.
For U & Me - Insight
WEB Usability and Accessibility–It’s Time to Act Fast
In an imperfect world that includes a significant number of variously challenged people, standards of usability and accessibility are required so that those with different abilities have full access to the World Wide Web. The author presents a primer on usability and accessibility standards.

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