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OpenSource For You
April  2015   Issue Vol. 3  No. 7 

Developers - How To
BOOTSTRAP: Building an Interactive Tourism Web Page
A well designed, interactive Web page offers satisfaction to the client, user and, above all, to the developer. The authors of this tutorial present an interactive tourism Web page that was created using Bootstrap. The whole process is explained lucidly and the code is all there, so that enthusiasts can wade into it straight away!

Developers - How To
Develop Multi-device Web Based Games with HTML5
The gaming design and development industry is growing exponentially. If you are interested in creating a Web based game, try out this HTML5 sample script.
Developers - Overview
Popular Open Source IDEs for Web Development
Let us explore popular open source IDEs for Web development. The IDEs mentioned here are just to whet the appetite of readers so that they may delve deeper into the subject. The article does not go too deep into specifics but informs just enough to rouse the curiosity of a newbie.
Developers - Let's Try
Developing a Web-app Using the Eclipse Editor
This article is the first in a series on developing a Web application called ‘Online Banking’ using the Eclipse Editor. The application will perform all the normal functions of offline banking. This task will be spread over a number of articles. In this first article, the author covers the basics of what is required to develop the Web-app, starting with Java.
Developers - How To
Creating an Awesome Web Experience with Drupal
Drupal offers developers quick fix solutions for an instant website. However, it is not child’s play. It powers many critical websites including those of the POTUS (President of the United States), Warner Music, NBC, etc. This in-depth article takes the reader through the steps to create and operate a Drupal website.
Developers - How To
Talking to the Kernel through Sysfs
The Linux kernel provides a virtual file system called sysfs. By providing virtual files, sysfs is able to export information about various kernel sub-systems, hardware devices and associated device drivers from the kernel’s device model to user space. To further explore sysfs, dive deep into this article.
Open Gurus - How To
Using Scilab with the McCabe-Thiele Method
Cross-platform, open source numerical computational package, Scilab, can be used for image enhancement, fluid dynamics simulations and numerical optimisation, among other things. When used with the McCabe-Thiele method, which is said to be the simplest and perhaps most instructive method for the analysis of binary distillation, the combination is formidable.
Developers - How To
How to Install Moodle on a LAMP Server
Moodle, the free and open source learning platform, can be used to create private websites for dynamic online courses. Moodle can be used in the academic as well as corporate world for e-learning projects. So let’s find out how to install it.
Developers - How To
Access Redis and PostgreSQL Databases with Haskell
Named after logician Haskell Curry, Haskell is a standardised,general-purpose, purely functional programming language, with non-strict semantics and strong static typing. This tenth article on Haskell explores access to Redis and PostgreSQL databases using Haskell modules.
Developers - Let's Try
Qt5: GUIs with QtQuick and QML
In the previous article on Qt5 (Part 2), we built a small server program that served a random fortune cookie to anyone who connected to it using TCP, and we tested it out by telneting into it. In the third and final part of this series, we’re going to build a small GUI client to go with the server.
Developers - Let's Try
The Link+ Project for Linux Kernel Developers
Kernel developers will be interested to learn how to use the LinK+ IDE, which has been developed by a team from C-DAC. The article is detailed and comprehensive.
Developers - Let's Try
Selenium: A Popular Software Testing Tool You Can Rely On
For the software enthusiast, this article begins with an overview on software testing. The various types of testing and the many software testing tools are enumerated, and then the author goes into detailed discussion on the free and open source automation testing tool, Selenium.
Developers - How To
Writing a Basic Framebuffer Driver
This article deals with the basic structure of a framebuffer and will interest those who know
how to write a character device driver. The author has tried to simplify the topic as much
as possible so as to make it accessible to more readers.
Developers - Insight
Face-off with Sizeof()
In C programming, the unary operator sizeof() returns the size of its operand in bytes. The sizeof() operator is discussed in detail in this article, along with illustrative examples of code.
Admin - How To
FSlint: A ‘Laundromat’ for File Systems
Traditionally, lint refers to small loose pieces of fibre that stick to fabric. In computer terminology, lint initially implied programs that flagged suspicious and non-portable constructs, which were likely to be bugs in C programming. Likewise FSLint helps to find and eliminate various kinds of lint on a file system.
Admin - Insight
Make Your Own IVR with Asterisk
Interactive voice response (IVR) is ubiquitous and now pervades the business and commerce milieu. Using Asterisk, IVR can be easily set up and coded. This fifth article in the series on Asterisk takes a look at how IVR is coded.
Admin - Let's Try
An Overview of OpenShift
OpenShift provides all the resources needed to develop, host and scale Web applications in the public or private cloud. Available on GitHub, it has built-in support for various Web application frameworks. This article provides a tutorial on installing OpenShift and applications like WordPress, Jenkins and Tomcat through it.
For U & Me - Overview
Ten Android Apps for Everyday Use on Your Smartphone
An Android phone can be greatly enhanced by installing some good apps. For a newbie, the selection of apps becomes a herculean task as the choice is so vast. This article offers some guidelines for selecting apps, while reviewing the top 10 Android apps for regular use.
For U & Me - Insight
Android Lollipop: What’s in it for Enterprises?
Enterprise mobility offers a wealth lot of opportunities for OEMs, solutions providers, UX designers, and developers. On the face of it, this may appear as easy as mobile applications grabbing business data from enterprise servers, but the reality is completely different. Read on to learn more.
For U & Me - Overview
Manage Your Marketing Activities with CampaignChain
Open source has extended its reach to all spheres of human endeavour, and business is no exception. CampaignChain is a very handy tool for organising online marketing activities. With a little bit of imagination, this tool can be used to manage social campaigns too.
Open Gurus - Insight
Audio Video Bridging: Evolution of Multimedia Streaming Technology
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has developed a set of technical standards that allow time-synchronised low latency streaming services through IEEE 802 networks. This is commonly known as audio video bridging. Read on to learn more about the concept.
For U & Me - Interview
"Start-ups don't just require funds. They need mentorship and guidance as well!"
At Open Source India 2014, many tech start-ups wanted to understand how they could leverage open source technology. Well,
for a start-up, or any other technology-oriented firm for that matter, getting the best tech solution at minimum cost is the way to go. But this is really not what we would focus on, in this article. While conversing with the owners of start-ups who were present at OSI Days 2014, we understood that one of the biggest issues was generating funds to move ahead in the game. Yes, this is pretty much an issue for almost every startup, particularly in a country like India, where the startup ecosystem is still in its infancy. As they say, if there is a problem, there is a solution too. As we all know, venture capitalists do come to the rescue of such startups, looking to be funded. But the road leading to a VC invariably involves a bumpy ride. In a bid to understand the entire process of reaching out to a VC and how to arrange funds, Diksha P Gupta from Open Source For You spoke toSushanto Mitra, founder and CEO, Lead Angels, an alumnifocused angel network, and discussed several issues that hamper young entrepreneurs. Read on...
CodeSport -Guest Column

In this month’s column, we feature a list of interview questions on operating systems, algorithms and computer architecture.
Exploring Software -Guest Column
Spark: Exploring Big Data on a Desktop
Here’s an introduction to Apache Spark, a very fast tool for large scale data processing. Spark is easy to use, and runs on Hadoop and Mesos as a standalone application or on the cloud. Applications can be quickly written in Java, Scala or Python. Developers boast that it can run programs 100 times faster than MapReduce in memory, or 10 times faster on disk.

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